Search Engine Optimisation

Whether you already have a website, or, plan on creating a website using our Web Design Services, you probably wish to be on page 1 of Google? To accomplish this - you shall require our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) packages.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of using a multitude of techniques to ensure that your website and webpages are seen by the search engines (ie.Google and Yahoo) in the best possible manner. SEO aims to modify your website so that the search engines see your content as relevant and credible, which in-turn ranks you higher in the organic search engine results. This is achieved by both on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO refers to method, whereby your webpage contains strong content that is geared towards the keyword you are targeting. Whereas off-page SEO refers to the method of controlling the way external pages and directories interact with your website.

A Search Engine Optimisation campaign involves two main sections, a set-up whereby your website is modified so that the on-page SEO is set to relevant and targeted keywords and, a monthly off-page service to control your directory and linking strategies.

Different keywords require different SEO techniques to be applied, so Contact Us today to discuss your options.