E-Commerce Website

Whether your business wants to expand its borders to selling online, or wish for the ability to generate a passive revenue model, Pozzy Marketing can tailor an E-Commerce solution for you. We primarily concentrate on creating a new website that handles all of the site’s stock listings, however, if you currently have a website - we can discuss alternative arrangements.

In the last year alone, Australia has seen a decline in the brick and mortar retail industry, whilst Australian E-commerce grew by a dramatic 25%. It stands to reason that consumers are turning to the internet and mobile devices when purchasing goods. If your business is yet to provide your customers with an online solution, then you are potentially losing a substantial amount of revenue.

Pozzy Marketing has the ability to create your business a site that integrates a shopping cart/store feature as an extension to a standard website. (ie.  www.pozzymarketing.com.au/shop). Alternatively if you wish for the website’s sole purpose to be E-commerce, we are able to design a site homepage for that purpose – which would generally include weekly/monthly specials.

All of our E-commerce solutions run through CMS Websites. WordPress, our chosen CMS provider, has a great back-end user-interface that allows you to add/remove listings, control stock levels, control pricing, coupons etc.

Contact Us today about providing your business with an E-Commerce Website or E-Commerce Solution.