CMS Websites

CMS (Content Management System) Websites, allow you or any member of your business to instantly change the details and content that is present on your site. CMS Websites do not visually appear different from any other website, but allow you to log-in to your website and edit the site instantly.
The largest benefit of running a website using a CMS is that it gives non-technical users the ability to change each aspect of the website, reducing the overall cost of running a website.

Pozzy Marketing highly recommends CMS Websites for our clients, as it allows you to have the freedom to update your site whenever your business offers something new (ie. Advertise Special Offers/Discounts, Update & add new Stock on E-Commerce sites, or add a new page to accommodate further information on a new product or service).

Pozzy Marketing is able to design a custom CMS Website for your business that boasts elegant Web Design, innovative Website Development Solutions and the ability for you to modify your site at an instant. After building your CMS Website, we shall show you the basic functions of the CMS back-end and inform you of how to make the relevant changes that your site may require.

If you are considering the implementation of a E-Commerce Website, the CMS interface shall be one that you regularly visit, to show statistics of sales and to add/or update stock levels and pricing as well as other listing details. Visit our E-Commerce Page for more information.

Pozzy Marketing has chosen WordPress as our chosen CMS provider since they currently offer the widest range of support and functionality, as well as their reputation for powering over 55 million websites.

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